Which Beatrix Potter Character Are You Most Like?

We all have our own personality traits, some of us are outgoing and enjoy spending time with new people, exploring the world and going on adventures. Others prefer to live a quieter life and enjoy their creature comforts (a comfy chair by the fire and a good book). That’s the beauty of the world – it’s enhanced by the diversity of the people within it.  Beatrix Potter created her stories with this same diversity in mind. There are characters with all manner of personality traits, so which of her many characters do you identify with?


I’m Adventurous and Enjoy a Challenge

You’re always first in line for an adventure and can’t think of anything you would rather do than head off to have fun or explore. Fearless and brave, you enjoy a challenge and are an outgoing sort of person. Does this sound like you? Then you have a lot in common with Peter Rabbit.


Peter loves a great adventure and is prone to getting up to all sorts of mischief too! You will often find Peter dressed in his smart blue jacket (complete with shiny gold buttons). He often goes out and about with his cousin Benjamin Bunny and the troublesome duo tend to spend lots of time getting up to no good in Mr McGregor’s vegetable garden. Peter also has two other passions – he loves his family (especially his lovely Mum, Mrs Rabbit) and he also has a penchant for eating! A juicy lettuce, tasty French beans and crunchy radishes are top of his list.


I’m Extremely Caring and Helpful

Do you like to look after others and always try to offer a listening ear and a friendly shoulder to cry on? Then you share the same personality traits as Mrs Tiggy-Winkle. The kindly hedgehog who spends much of her time making tea and washing clothes. In keeping with her generous spirit Mrs Tiggy-Winkle helps all the other creatures to launder their clothes too – how very kind!


I’m Very Loyal

Do you always look out for your friends and family? Try and help them out where possible and keen to join them as they embark on adventures or head off on outings? Then you would identify with Benjamin Bunny, a very good friend (and cousin) to Peter Rabbit. Benjamin is easy to spot in his rather large hat and clogs. He spends much of his time with Peter Rabbit and accompanies him on many an interesting escapade. The mischievous pair can often be found sneaking into Mr McGregor’s vegetable garden, pilfering tasty veg for dinner!


I’m Energetic and Playful

Are you always on the go? Racing around from one thing to the next? Do you enjoy moving about – be it running, jumping or dancing? Are you a chatterbox and love a good sing-song? If so you share the personality traits of Squirrel Nutkin. He too is extremely energetic and you will usually find him playing games, solving riddles and perfecting his dance moves! Squirrel Nutkin can also be a little bit cheeky, he enjoys winding the other creatures up and this often gets him into trouble!


I’m stubborn and a little Ditzy

Do you like to do things your own way, but sometimes find that your best laid plans don’t seem to work out? If you are a trusting person who tends to see the good in people you have a lot in common with Jemima Puddle-Duck. The independent duck was unhappy when the farmers wife would not allow her to hatch her own eggs, so she decided to leave the farm and seek a suitable spot to make her own nest. She soon meets Mr Tod, a wily fox, and blindly allows him to “help” her. Whilst we are all aware that the fox has dastardly intentions (and fancies a duck supper), poor Jemima seems blissfully ignorant!


I’m Ruthless and Enjoy Eating Duck!

Then unfortunately you are on par with the dastardly Mr Tod. You take joy from plotting and scheming in order to get your hands on the things you want in life – shame on you! You should remember that while you think you are a mastermind there is always someone smarter just around the corner, ready to foil your sly plans!


Found Your Character?

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