What to bring on your backpack trip?

Going on a long trip is of course super cool. For many people it is a dream coming true to travel through an unknown country with nothing more than a backpack. Sometimes you might wonder how it is possible to live out of a backpack for such a long time. Although it seems difficult, you actually don’t need much at all on a trip. If you are allowed to take 20 kilos on an airplane, you will always manage to fill up your big suitcase. Often, in practice, you will not even touch some of the items of clothing. A backpack full of clothes and other necessities is really enough. With the following checklist, you can be sure that you won’t forget anything odd on your trip.


There are certain things you absolutely cannot forget. Although many things speak for themselves, it is always good to go through them again. First, of course, you need all the necessary papers and documents. Think of your passport, required vaccinations and during the corona crisis additional documents. It is very smart to bring copies of important documents. This way you have something to hand if your official document is stolen. Also don’t forget things like earplugs, wallet and a card with emergency numbers and that’s good to know.


Perhaps the most difficult thing to choose when traveling for a long time is your clothes. When you go backpacking it is smart to bring espadrilles men, because they take up very little space in your bag. In addition, it is wise to bring slippers and put on your hiking boots on the plane, as they take up the most space by far. In terms of clothing, you should especially think about the different fabrics you bring. You want fabrics that dry quickly and do not take up too much space in your bag. A good example is a terry cloth polo shirt or a linen blouse.


Of course you should also take the necessary toiletries. First check what you can only buy in the Netherlands, for example certain medicines or skin products. If you wear contact lenses it is important to bring lens liquid. Many things like shampoo, toothpaste and razors can also be bought in the country itself. It is a good idea to bring things like sunscreen, so that you can apply it as soon as you arrive and that’s good to know of course.