The Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Not So Ugly Anymore

It is that time of year again, as the sleigh bells ringing as the people seem happier as they walk through the store searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. The music is blasting the same old songs every year and yet, you still seem to hum the words as you smile to the people passing by you. You walk the stores as you try to find a specific item. sometimes if you go early enough you may be able to find some, but other times it’s quite difficult and will have to make your own. This year as you head to find your very ugly Christmas sweater, you think where this tradition came from?

The story behind the Christmas sweaters actually were brought up when a person from Canada had made the first ugly Christmas party and had posted on her social media since then the ugly Christmas sweaters have become a tradition in most people’s household. Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters became a fashion, when more and more people started to make them. Now during the month of November people search for the Christmas sweaters because in December they become rare as almost everyone has a party to attend to dress up for. Now they sell the ugly Christmas sweaters online or in stores.

People do hold contests at parties to see who has the ugliest sweater of all. Some can get pretty creative as they buy stuff from the craft store or head to the second-hand store to buy materials. But some might say the Christmas sweater are ugly and some might say they are cute in their own way. Now even some designers have taken the ugly Christmas sweater to a whole new level by adding their flavor to it and having the models wear it. according to time magazine “the trends of the sweaters can be linked to the runway”. Since the runway is known for funky looking clothes, they have adapted to use the sweaters and deliver their own twist to it. By putting different types of fabrics on it and making it look fashionable.

But what makes an ugly Christmas sweater ugly? According to Johnathon from the New York Times “it starts with bells, lights, trees, garments, stars, and different types of designs”. Using your eyes and ears can help you decide how ugly the Christmas sweater can be. Another great way is to think of looking into your grandparents’ closet to see the vintage style and the vests with the bright lettering or cats in front of it.

But now in day’s companies have been making ugly Christmas sweater cute or cool looking by adding a football team or a saying in the front of it. More and more people have been wearing them not only for the ugliness but just because it’s fashionable and stylish now in days. But whatever your taste is I’m sure there is an ugly Christmas sweater for you.