Shop Fashion’s Biggest Trends of The Season

Where are your favorite places to shop? The mall, high end department stores, tv store online, or a local boutique? What about the catwalks of fashion’s biggest nights. We understand that you may not have the budget to fly to Paris or Milan or New York City to get the latest fashions. But there is no need to worry. Even if the big price tags of the Milan runways are not in your budget, the trends from thee fashion weeks will be hitting the Old Navys and Forever 21’s and H&M’s pretty soon.

The fashion weeks from these fashion loving cities exposed some of the best trends we have seen in a while. Everything from prints to sparkle to snakeskin to billowing sleeves to draping capes, revealed that it is time to expand our horizon when it comes to our taste in clothes. All the big name designers dared to go beyond the traditions of creating fall and winter clothing. The only traditional element that was in this year’s fashion week was the colors. Traditional dark coolers made their way into the outerwear garments, footwear and accessories. Surprisingly, there were a few designers that dared to dash a bit of white into their collections. Mixing a white blouse with a chocolate floor length trench coat and snakeskin boots just oozes of style and chic winterwear.

Warmth exuded from the runways. Designers created looks for models that were layered in thick sweaters. Designers did not create too many figure hugging looks. Instead, designers created outfits that were layered with heavy sweaters. Modestly dressed models walked the catwalks in wool capes that came in a variety of colors. Even the evening gowns were a bit more modest than past seasons.

Snakeskin was a heavily used material from these recent fashion weeks. The classic chic material can be in a variety of beautiful hues. These hues were on jackets, handbags and knee high boots. These snakeskin made items will be the ultimate finishing piece to give your outfit a breathtaking look.

One of the biggest trends you’ll be seeing in all the fashion blogs and stores for the next few months is a lot of sparkle. Models strutted down the catwalks of Paris and New York screaming shine from head to toe. Designers definitely were going for sheer, shiny and bold looks for this fashion season. From headbands to hair clips to handbags to belts to shoes to dresses to anything you could imagine, the models were covered in shine. Since sparkle is something people tend to wear a lot around the holidays, it wouldn’t be a more perfect time for designers to create these sparkled infused looks.

Lastly, what you will be shopping for the months to come is leather. Leather is what we expect in the fall and winter. But we tend to think of leather as a material used for a nice handbag or cute pair of boots. But designers dared to creative evening dresses, blouses and pants of leather material.