Right Tricks to Choose Clothes According to Body Shape

Choosing clothes according to body shape is one of the things most needed by many women.

The reason is, in order to look more fashionable, you need to know the right trick of choosing clothes according to your body shape.

So, if you are looking for clothes according to your body shape, keep reading this article.

Fashion is not only for one slim and ideal body shape, sometimes we forget that every woman has a different body shape. To get a suitable fashion item, the main thing you need to know is your body shape.

Apple Body Shape

Apple-shaped people tend to have a large waist or upper body compared to legs similar to apples.

Clothes that are suitable for this body type are loose tops or you can use the Glam Black High Neck which you can find at Lover-beauty.

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Hourglass Body Shape

This hourglass body shape is the ideal body shape for women. Women with this hourglass figure have the same size bust and hips.

Clothing that suits you is a bodycon dress that can show your curves so that it looks perfect.

Pear Fruit Body Shape

In European and Asian countries, these pear-shaped bodies are very numerous. This pear-shaped body is the opposite of the apple body in that it has a large and broad upper body. People with pear shapes tend to have heavier thighs and hips, making waistlines more pronounced.

You can also use summer dresses to balance your lower body. And choose bright colors and bold motifs to distract people from the lower part of your body. For those of you who are looking for cheap plus size summer dresses, you can see it at lover-beauty.

Rectangular Body Shape

People with square shapes have straight body dimensions. Even if you are fat or thin, the shoulders to the thighs are in the same proportion and do not even appear to have a waist curve.

Choose clothes in lover-beauty that have a curve at the waist, or you can even add the use of a belt to give your body a curve.