Men in Diamonds

Gone are the days when diamonds were the sole preserve of women. It seems the modern man is also drawn to the glitzy glamour of a bit of bling. No longer can we titter about guys wearing jewellery as when we look to the celebs, we find countless examples of dudes in diamonds. Here are some of the most glam chaps who are currently rocking the ‘rock’:

Arthur Rhodes – the American baseball player is not only a great player, but his earrings have caused a bit of a stir. During a game, the flash and brilliance of his diamond earring blinded another player and started a brawl!

David Beckham – always the style icon since hitting fame as a football player, Beckham is well-known for his sharp taste and cutting-edge style. He is often spotted sporting some large diamond earrings now he no longer dons the football boots as often.

Justin Timberlake – this U.S sex symbol pop star is well-known for his high carat weight gems taking pride of place on his ear lobes.

Michael Buble – a rare peek into the Canadian crooner’s love life reveals a considerable diamond engagement ring upon his finger. His Argentinian fiancée has clearly encouraged the tradition from her home country of men wearing engagement rings. For Diamond Engagement Rings, visit Compare the Diamond

Johnny Depp – here’s another top Hollywood actor who likes to flash a big rock on his finger. Perhaps it’s all that time spent playing Captain Jack Sparrow has attracted him to treasures and glittering booty! Ok, everybody by now knows that Johnny Depp wears a diamond

Cristiano Ronaldo – yet another international footballer, style icon and all-round sex symbol. He just loves parading his glittering diamond-adorned ear lobes as he travels across the globe. He has also been spotted donning a pair of black diamond earrings – the ultimate in cool guy jewellery.

Will Smith – star of the silver screen, Will Smith is one of the most valuable actors in Hollywood according to Forbes magazine. What Will wears goes and it’s no surprise that he loves to rock the rock with glittering diamond earrings. He pulls off this look in a cooler, smoother and more effortlessly graceful manner than anyone else in Hollywood. Since his early days of the Fresh Prince to his role in fighting aliens on earth – Will Smith knows how to wear his diamonds.