5 Questions Often Asked about Luxury Swiss Watches

Nobody can resist a beautiful luxury watch, especially when it is a Swiss watch. But on the other hand, there are many questions that many people often ask about this kind of timepiece. It is true that luxury watchmaking remains an area that may seem complex to understand. But to make clearer for you, here are 5 of these questions with the answers.

What Do We Call a Luxury Swiss Watch?

Luxury Swiss “Haute Horlogerie” is a category that includes high-end watches made from the great traditional know-how of real Swiss manufacturers. Most of the time, they are hand-made even if new technology is now deployed to make the products as modern as possible. Moreover, making an authentic Swiss watch requires an important work on mechanical movement, but also on the development and finishing of the cases, as well as the elements like the dials and the hands.

What is the Difference between an Automatic and a Hand-Wound Swiss Watch?

A mechanical manual winding watch is daily wound with the execution of a simple rotation with the winding button. An automatic mechanical Swiss watch winds simply with the movement of the wrist, without any effort. This interesting system is due to the oscillating weight connected by various wheels to the driving factor of the watch: the mainspring.

Is a cheap Swiss Watch is Inevitably a Counterfeit?

Finding a luxury brand watch at 500$ can indeed predict a bad operation! It is absolutely necessary to stay suspicious of anything that might appear to be an excellent bargain. You are recommended to find out about the original prices of the watches first. And of course, get to know about the seller’s reputation. In any case, it is always too good to be true when the promotion is too attractive and exceeds the 55{de9872b3c504ca998798895016355161c343ac2d6770d41f13bff8e02792658e} discount compared to the brand’s price. To be sure to purchase a reliable model at a competitive cost, you can visit louischevrolet.com.

What is the Justification of Luxury Swiss Watches’ Prices?

Prestigious Swiss watches have an estimated value according to their technical characteristics, the brand’s know-how, their aesthetics, the research that led to this mechanical performance, the used materials, the time spent making them, the robustness and the quality of the components, their machining, their rarity, the complications imposed in the design of the movement, the qualitative labels affixed and many other numerous aesthetic and technical parameters. The notoriety of the brand itself can also cause the price to go up.

Are Some Swiss Watch Brands Better than the Others?

Once the distinction is made with high-end watches, several brands stand out either by the manufacture of the movement, the style, the quality of the finishes, the technical reliability, the technical innovations… But in general, they are all of great quality.