3 Top Tips to Help You Get Ready for a Date

Just scored your first date? First off, you’re probably all excited and giddy at the thought of how that much anticipated day will play out. But as the D-day approaches, you may become overwhelmed with emotions of anticipation and uncertainty. Well, that’s perfectly normal for many individuals. Especially if you’ve made an acquaintance from any UK online dating apps and you’ve never met in person before.

Now, if you’re looking to keep those nagging emotions in check, you’ll have to put in the effort to build up your confidence. The more confident you are, the more memorable your date will be. It’s alright if you don’t have a routine or a well-thought-out plan in place. Guess what? This article aims to give you some handy tips that will help you create a strong impression and score points on your first date.

1.  Get Prepared in Advance

Remember the catchphrase “fail to prepare and prepare to fail?” Well, that rings true here. You don’t have to wait a few hours before your date before making plans.

Two or three days prior, make sure to clear your schedule and try as much as possible to steer clear from any commitments aside from your date. Whether it involves heading to BritainReviewsto find the best dating spot, going shopping for the perfect outfit, or getting a simple mani-pedi, every bit of preparation will guarantee that your date will be anything but ordinary.

You may even brainstorm about what kind of conversion to have with your date. According to studies by Sciencedirect, chat-up lines involving jokes, sexual references, or empty compliments were poorly received. On the other hand, openings revealing generosity, culture, helpfulness, athleticism, and other solid values were rated highly.

2.  Stay Fragrant

Your date is all about creating a lasting impression on your partner, right? Smell is one of the most pronounced senses in humans, and it’s difficult to forget a pleasant fragrance. So take the time to pick out a perfume that will make you linger in your partner’s mind during and even after the date.

However, don’t ever make the mistake of bathing yourself with different perfumes, as this can create the opposite effect.

Rather, use a perfume with a unique scent, and maybe one that people have complimented you on before. Unless your date partner has nasal congestion, this should work the trick.

3.  Endeavour to Stand Out

Choosing the right outfit and styling your hair right are great ways to stand out from the crowd on any occasion. But this tip goes beyond simply looking good.

Most dates these days are often connected to the chivalrousacts of men settling bills. What better way for women to stand out than to change this narrative.

On the other hand, the idea of a date being a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant is overrated. Why not do something unexpected like going for a picnic, or getting tickets to see a music concert.

The goal here is to have a date that you both won’t forget anytime soon – “a night to remember”.

4.  Summary

First dates are very important to determine the trajectory a relationship is headed. Although there’s no proven manual on how to have the perfect first date, incorporating the above tips will almost guarantee you bag a second one. Nonetheless, while you make these efforts to impress, always endeavour to be yourself.