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Points on the End Daylight Saving Time Petition

The daylight saving time (DST) is a practice where people adjust their clocks to match with the sun rising and setting. The history of the daylight saving time is almost a 100 years old were the pioneers intended to use the practice to save energy. Thus, people would avoid waking up before the sunrise hence reducing the energy usage. However many people feel it is essential to end the daylight saving time. Such people argue that the method has zero benefits and only affects people lives negatively. Below are reasons why it is critical to stop the daylight saving time practice.

The plan to conserve energy use through daylight saving time is no longer working thus the need to get rid of the system. People nowadays pay less attention to their energy bills. It is common to find a home with lights on during the day. The petitioners are asking why people should continue to change the time on their clocks yet the system has no benefit to them. Hence why these individuals are pushing the end daylight saving time petition. The end daylight saving time petition seeks to appeal to as many people as possible to join.

The other point on the end daylight saving time petition is that the practice has adverse effects on people’s health. The locals say that the daylight saving time affects how they sleep. The residents of the areas say they have difficulties with both sleeping and waking up when using the daylight saving time. For instance on some months the residents will have to wake up earlier than other months. The lack of proper sleep will affect the health of these people, and they are more likely to cause accidents. Therefore, why it is essential to end the daylight saving time (DST). It is crucial for people to have enough sleep that will enhance their moods and health.

The daylight saving time also affects the trade and travel negatively. Many people will schedule the trip several months before. Due to the daylight saving time you may struggle with the travel plan. The system makes it difficult to make arrangements thus the need to get rid of it.

The pioneers of the daylight saving time thought that the system would stimulate economic growth. People would, therefore, work using the daylight making them more productive. Many people argue that daylight saving time have more drawbacks than benefits. It lowers the people productivity decreasing the economic activities of the area. Thus, why area using daylight saving time need to stop.

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