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Benefits of Using Pine Straw for Mulching

In an effort to protect the soil from the rain, many farmers have started practicing mulching. In the process, there has been a noticeable increase of soil nutrients.This is making mulching one of the best measures to take when indulging in agricultural cultivation of plants. Different mulch made from plants leaves and grass has a range of side effects on the soil. Mulch that is made from the straw of pine causes some very good benefits.

The use of pine straw can be up held easily being the first advantage of using it as mulch. Pine straw mulch is mainly made from pine straw needles that are always dropping . This is an assurance of supply at any time of the year when you might need to use them for mulching.

Pine straw mulch prevents the evaporation of soil moisture by insulating the soil from the sun. Plants with roots that are too close to the soil surface are protected from extreme temperatures that would have otherwise affected them negatively. When it is raining, the rain drops hit the surface of a bare soil surface displacing soil particles. This type of erosion can be prevented by pine straw mulch that takes the impact of the raindrops. Pine straw also breaks down into organic matter that will trigger the presence of micro organisms and at the same time release nutrients for plants into the soil. This increases the level of oxygen in the soil that will facilitate faster growth of crops.

Pine straw is not displaced from planting beds like other mulch does. This preserves the cleanliness of the areas around the fam. Unlike other types of mulch, it is not necessary to add other components into the mulch since it does not clench together. The possibility of pod formation evident in other types of mulching is close to none when it comes to the use of pine straw mulches. Pine straw remains functional for longer periods of time since it decays at a lower speed to time ratio, eliminating the necessity for replacement.

Weeds compete for nutrients and air with the important crops that have been planted. If the threat is not eliminated, the health of the crops deteriorates. Application of pine straw mulch around the crops will eliminate the possibility of any alien plants developing by suffocation. Wood mulch is a conflicting type of mulch that will facilitate the development of weeds.

Same amounts of pine straw cover bigger areas than other types of mulch. This makes pine straw a cheaper source of mulch in relation to other sources.

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