How to Make a Fleece Stylish This Winter


Fleece clothing may instantly conjure up images of elderly walking groups or farmers herding their sheep, but the times have certainly changed. Today, not only will fleece ensure that you are toasty and warm but also it can make a fashion statement that others will be copying. Here is how you should incorporate fleece this winter.

Keep it simple

Most of us have owned a fleece jacket at some point during our lives, but probably not quite like those available today. Our parents obviously took note of the durability that comes with fleece and it feels like a shame that we are only just taking notice. If you want to reminisce on your childhood or to expand your winter wardrobe slowly, keeping your fleece simple is probably the best way to go. A simple, plain-coloured fleece hoodie can keep you warm whilst being versatile enough to be worn with almost any ensemble.

Layer it

One of the biggest trends right now is over-sizing, and what better trend to take us into the colder months? A fleece shirt or jacket is a great addition to an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt and will ensure that you still have some flexibility – something that wearing a big, bulky coat can prevent you from having.

Make a statement

If you are feeling brave or want to make a statement, a padded fleece jacket is the way to go. This is not a look for everyone; however, those who like to show off a little will be happy in the knowledge that they have found the ultimate look whilst being much warmer than everyone else

Fleece vests

You can wear fleece in many more ways than just as a jacket, which is why wearing a fleece vest is a great option. Pair it with less-bulky materials to allow more freedom in your arms whilst still keeping your torso warm. Farah shirts from stockists such as would be the perfect choice.

Add colour

It may come as a surprise, but fleece does not have to be beige. This is a durable fabric that can come in many colours, making the options when wearing it even better. Colour blocking is extremely popular right now, so add a splash of colour with your fleece to stay on trend.